Breast Augmentation Twin Falls Idaho

Are you thinking about having a breast augmentation? Here at Renaissance Plastic Surgery our goal is to make you feel comfortable with the decisions you are making. Part of making a good decision is being informed of all the options and outcomes. Most women consider the physical changes after getting a breast augmentation. They also consider the following: what size to choose, what others will think, pain after surgery, scars, how much time to take off work, and cost.

Dr. Wayment is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon here in Twin Falls, Idaho. Choosing the right size implants is a big decision. Based on chest measurements, body frame, and patient preference, Dr. Wayment will help decide what implant size is best for you. Patients are also able to see, feel, and try on the implants that we have to sample. This gives a rough estimate of what size the breast will be after surgery.

After a breast augmentation, women are always pleased with the results. Most women say they fell sexier and more feminine. Come visit us at Renaissance Plastic Surgery.